"christmas joy"

are you as excited about christmas as i am? have you been busy shopping? decorating? making lists of what you want? making cookies? are you excited to give your loved ones their gifts? are you excited to receive yours? are you excited to have off of work and be with your family?

me too. all of it.

this holiday i feel especially sentimental. i find myself in the middle of all of this and i keep thinking about the big picture. about my family and how fortunate we are to all be together giving each other gifts that we don't even really even need but we do it out of love. when i step back and really see my life, our lives, they look so full. everything we need. most of what we want. it's all there. and really if you think about it, what we don't have, we really don't need. 

when i slow down enough, widen my perspective and i'm able to see my life as an outsider, it's almost overwhelming how blessed i am. we all are.