"getting my knit on"

winter months means knitting for me. especially these below zero temps we are having lately. is it bad that all i really want to do is be home knitting all day long? just like a little old lady on her rocking chair.  i will be that aunt that makes everyone their anagrammed sweaters every year. i've made so many hooded scarves, cowls, hats, super long scarves, shawls and even a pillow. i don't even make these things for myself. i just love giving them away! it's so much fun. nothing complicated. just knits and purls. i will be tackling some cable knits soon. a little scary.

but i've been thinking about starting a small group with other needle lovers like me who might want to make a big pile of gifts with me throughout the year in preparation to give them to a good cause for the next christmas season. just a thought? let me know if you would be interested or know of a place something like this would be good to donate to. a church? a hospital? a shelter? a school? a family?

meanwhile, i'm thinking of making my own free little giveaway on my blog and facebook. you will have to wait and see ;)