4' x 4'
acrylic on infrastructure canvas
a few weeks ago a couple came into my studio and started to ask me questions about the works i had. i was setting up for a show so i had a lot of my paintings up against the wall and some where covered. they were very sweet and complimentary. they asked me what my connection with crows was so i tried to explain to them what they meant to me and i pulled out some of my newer pieces to show them. 

then the husband started to tell me he was not only an artist himself, but that he owned a very successful advertising agency in chicago. "the reason my company is successful is because i escape from it and give myself a chance to get creative with my own personal work so i am recharged when i go back to the office." he was very passionate when he spoke.

i'm paraphrasing here but he said, "we like to go around and look at artwork of emerging artists and we buy many many pieces for our home. we like to buy from artists that have a spiritual connection to their artwork that shows their passion, but are not there yet. you are close, but no you are not there yet." slap in the face, but i laughed out of surprise from his bluntness. "you are still a slave to your technique. you have to let that all go and just release." again, he spoke so passionately and really not out of judgement, just honesty. his straightness kind of excited me.

he totally called me on something i had been feeling. i had that little voice in my head that i kept ignoring. when he said this to me i knew exactly what he was talking about and i was so grateful. i knew him coming into my studio was for a reason. i could have spoken to him all day. unfortunately, i was too shy to ask for his card, but maybe that was meant to be that way. he's kind of this mysterious angel that came in here.

so this painting here was a result of this conversation and me just letting go and not letting my thoughts control me. what came to be was intuitively born. i still have more to give though. it will come.